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Issue 6, March 2020 is in production

The provocation is an open theme – ‘it’s up to you’ …

Surprise us. What does 2020 mean to you? Knock yourselves out.

We’re open to time, the universe, your biome, any old atom, particle, tear, hiccup. Apocalypse, crazy hope, Pollyanna world view, astral day dreams …

Submissions for Issue 6 closed at noon, Monday 3 February 2020.

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News flash …

Not Very Quiet’s founding editors, Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew, received an award last night from the Canberra Critics’ Circle:

For their influential work in exposing Canberra women’s poetry to view through their biannual online journal for women’s poetry, Not Very Quiet.

Current issue 5 – ‘Earth Poems’

Rachel Carson, c1940. US Fish and Wildlife Service, from Wikipedia.

Edited by Sandra Renew, Moya Pacey and Tricia Dearborn

Published September 2019

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About Not Very Quiet

Not Very Quiet is a new twice yearly online journal for women poets of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to publish their work.

We believe it’s more important than ever to provide a platform to extend the range and breadth of poetry written by women so as to encourage and strengthen its impact.

We are looking for poetry that has heart and is memorable. We welcome wit and humour. We support poems that try out something new, that break through a barrier.

Next issue: Issue 6, March 2020 will open for submissions in December 2019. We will post the theme and provocation on our website in November 2019.

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Women’s poetry evenings. Our editors host a monthly poetry evening – the third Monday of the month at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra. Featured poets plus open mic. Join us!


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We use a blind review process through Submittable. See Submissions for information about the theme of the next issue.

If you are unable to use Submittable, we will accept submissions via the email nvq.accessibility@gmail.com. Your submission will be uploaded to Submittable by our website manager for blind review.