Kali, ancient Hindu goddess. Image credit: Anita Patel.

Bas relief of goddess Kali

This image is of the ancient Hindu goddess, Kali. Kali is known as a fierce and powerful warrior who slayed demons and danced on their corpses. She is also worshipped as a great and loving primordial Mother Goddess, Kali Ma – protector and nurturer. Kali is shakti (female energy) incarnate. She is the consummate representation of the classic power of the Divine Female – the power to give birth, to bring death and to regenerate. I feel that Kali is the perfect character to complement this quote by the writer and activist, Arundhati Roy. Another world is possible and we will need the indomitable spirit of Kali to lead the charge towards it and to dance on the corpse of empire. We will need the nurturing spirit of Kali to regenerate, cherish and speak our stories.