About the journal

Not Very Quiet is an online journal for women’s poetry from Australia and overseas. Our first issue was published in September 2017.

Why publish a new journal?

Our venture is a response to many things that we and other women poets have experienced over time – the number of rejections, the lack of journals to send to, the need for more readers and the need to share women’s work with a wider audience.

When we read Carol Jenkin’s article late last year in Australian Poetry Journal (6:1), ‘A response to A Gander @ Gender and Age: The Demographics of Contemporary Australian Poetry’, we were convinced by her careful research and analysis that there is still a gender bias operating in the poetry publishing world. This journal hopes to ‘do better and be better off for it …’ (p. 19).

Recent world events have provided the final impetus. In the words of Gloria Steinem: ‘Women must act’.

Not Very Quiet is our choice of action and our way of doing better. We will provide a space for women’s poetry that responds to a wide range of concerns, genres and approaches.

Our mission is first and foremost to publish poetry by women on topics and issues that matter.

We aim to encourage, respect, support and strengthen women’s writing by providing an online platform to reach as wide an audience of readers as possible.

( See Submissions to find out more )

When and how we publish

Two issues per year – spring and autumn (southern hemisphere)


Each issue will be themed and the theme presented as a quote by a woman author/poet. We will provide as large a variety of quotes from our interests as we can.

Submissions via Submittable

Submissions will be accepted anonymously via Submittable – it is vital that poems are chosen for the words on the page rather than the poet who wrote them.

Submittable is a professional tool used by publishers large and small to manage and review submissions. It stores your submissions safely and the only personal information you need to provide is your name and email.


We will celebrate the broad church that is women’s poetry. We will not publish rant or words for their own sake.

Guest editors

We will invite guest editors to extend the appeal and sensibility of the journal to a wide range of women poets and readers. The guest editors will be able to shape the issue through their selection of themes, quotes and images.

Online publication

Online publication is great, but there are some limitations. The most important limitation for poetry is that we cannot do the same level of fine-grained page layout that is possible in print-on-paper publications. This is especially true if you are looking for unusual word spacing within a line.

The other issue that some poets find annoying is that the display will wrap whenever the screen size is too small to accommodate a long line. The maximum line length on our website is 84 characters.

If your work features significant visual design, this may not be the right journal for you.


© 2018 Not Very Quiet

Copyright in all works published in the journal is vested in the creators (writers, photographers, artists).

All other text, graphics, design is copyright Not Very Quiet.

Please contact the editors at notveryquiet@protonmail.com if you would permission to republish.

We would be very happy for anyone to link to any of pages on our website.

Who we are

Founding editorsMoya Pacey and Sandra Renew
Guest editor: Anita Patel (Issue 2)
Website and Production Manager
Tikka Wilson