Issue 8 – virtual mic

Welcome to NVQ issue 8 – our third issue in the age of covid-19. Although we are starting to meet face-to-face again in small numbers, we thought we would continue the virtual mic feature for the poets who wanted to share their work this way.

Cross country (1:49), Liz Bennett

Wave your hand (2:42), Gayelene Carbis

experimental love poem (1:25), Ema Dumitriu

Spring Purples with Coast Tea Tree and Golden Wattle (1:13), Anne Elvey

Boquila Trifoliolata in Chilean Rainforest (1:20), Lynne Goldsmith

i haven’t (1:48), Ash Good

Noh (0:54), Hazel Hall

hidden in the layers (1:03), Kathleen Hellen

Faking it (2:11), Lesh Karan

A look that won’t catch on (1:57), Denise O’Hagan

Middle school youth group sex ed (1:53), Riley O’Connell

Le Stryge – Notre Dame de Paris, April 2020 (2:50), Vanessa Proctor

Noli me tangere (0:59), Marka Rifat

My father’s mask (1:24), Robyn Sykes

No matter how much skin I lose I am always the same body (1:26), Heather Taylor-Johnson

Huhu (0:42), Sophia Wilson

Circe (1:05), Jena Woodhouse

Blog: [#I n t h e n a m e o f l I b e r t y] (2:25), Janet Jiahui Wu

From the editors

Knitting for insomniacs (0:53), Moya Pacey

Cocky’s joy (1:03), Anita Patel