Issue 7 – virtual mic

Welcome to NVQ issue 7 – our second issue in the age of the pandemic. Since we couldn’t meet face-to-face (still), we thought we would continue the virtual mic feature we developed for our last issue.

We hope you enjoy hearing the poets reading their work.

The Homes of Others (0:43), Sahana Ahmed


Millennium (1:40), Wendy BooydeGraaff


Elegy for Me and My Mother (1:31), Teresa T. Chappell


In a section of the museum we find (1:13), PS Cottier


Biology Homework (1:36), Olga Dermott-Bond


Chronicle of Lost Moments (1:58), Lara Dolphin


On Joy Hester’s late portraits of girls (1:20), Sally Denshire


Leaving the First State Home I was Placed In (1:46), Karen Downs-Barton


a house i remember that isn’t mine (0:38), Ariana Eftimiu


Staying with the Grey Sisters at Age 3¼ (1:23), Anne Elvey


The Lesson (1:31), Kathryn Fry


Pandora’s Kitchen (1:11), Allison Goldstein


How to make a funeral wreath (3:10), Hazel Hall


Building Memories (11:27), Siobhan Harvey


HIROSHIMA (0:33), Susan Howard


For the Girl Who Worked in Leonard Hall (1:47), Katherine Hughes


Kitchen (1:48), Linda Kernan


Redbird (7:01), Kara Knickerbocker


How to Make a Snow Angel (1:49), Emma Lee


Things Learned (1:15), Sadie Maskery


Terra incognita (2:16), Rachael Mead


Loop (1:55), Alexa Mergen


Tale of an Australian Opal (2:43), Helen Moore


Nani (0:57), Kavita Nandan


The papering of distance (1:36), Denise O’Hagan


I Do Remember The Wall (1:47), Rosa O’Kane


Grandmother’s Quilt  (1:58), Vera Oko


Outside A Pocket, 1947 (0:41), Mandira Pattnaik


Karanga (1:09), Sarah Penwarden


Brown Snake Awakens in the Everywhen (1:17), Fiona Perry


Public pool, women’s changing room (1:20), Stephanie Powell


Ashridge Forest (1:18), Vanessa Proctor


Certainty (1:24), Lyn Reeves


misInheritance (0:32), Autumn Riley


Leave the Light On … please (2:34), Robyn Rowland


Bird’s Song (2:11), Preeti Shah


JUMP (1:30), Ellen Shelley


Playing scrabble with my mother (0:56), Ann Shenfield


To Grow (0:49), Brittany Smart


How to Be a Good Girl (1:39), Beth Spencer


Waiting (1:51), Sarah St Vincent Welch


An olive rolls under the fridge (1:23), Anna Veprinska


Just Before Covid-19 Hits I Sell my Gold (2:38), Miriam Wei Wei Lo


Straphanging (2:59), Jena Woodhouse


This is My Secret (1:10), Kai Zwiebel


From NVQ Editors

You’ll never walk alone (1:37), Anne Casey


A chalk outline of the soul (1:35)l Tricia Dearborn


Behind the counter (1:13), K A Nelson


I Feel You Breathing (1:15), Moya Pacey


There were coconuts (1:29), Anita Patel


Recovered (1:38), Sandra Renew


Featured artist

BHP (Be Humble Please) (1:06), Teena McCarthy