I Feel You Breathing

(for Peter)

Mam puts you into the cradle
I’ve made for you with my arms.
I trace the flower petals, raised
blues and greens stitched on the blanket
Mam made to swaddle you tight.
I take you to the window, push
aside the winter night curtain, ‘Careful
don’t drop him’, Mam calls.
I won’t drop you. I’m showing you our world.
Shadows, smelly smoke, chimney-pots,
street lamps yellow with sodium light.
There’s the snow slide we made,
shining like the Milky Way. Your eyes
two blue perfect moons
meet mine in one long stare.

I know this place. I know you. You don’t need to say.

Moya Pacey

Listen to Moya reading ‘I Feel You Breathing’ (1:15).

© text and audio 2020