Sandra Renew

As poets we have special relationships with words. When I write I rely on finding the words to create an imaginative truth. And I want this imaginative truth to say something political. In this post-truth world our words have a new power and obligation. Now is not the time for shy words. Now we want to be Not Very Quiet …

I want my poetry to say something about the state of our world, a situation and condition we are bringing on ourselves. So my work is social critique and revolves around dissent, contradiction, dissonance; and I write about gender, violence, war, refugees and asylum, environment and climate change.

One of my favourite texts is Orlando by Virginia Woolf and it is full of the poetry of gender, the fluidity of femininities and masculinities.


Sandra at a performance evening.Sandra Renew lives in Canberra and writes page poetry, tanka and tanka prose, and performance poetry.

Her poems are published in Australia and overseas in print and online journals. In 2015, she published One Last Border: poetry for refugees with Hazel Hall and Moya Pacey. She has published three collections with Ginninderra Press:  Projected on the Wall (2015), Who Sleeps at Night? (2017), and The Orlando Files (2018). Her most recent collection is Acting Like a Girl (Recent Work Press 2019).

Sandra will be a featured poet at the National Folk Festival (Canberra, 18-22 April 2019).

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