Issue 6, March 2020

Sandra Renew and Moya Pacey, Editors
Tikka Wilson, Production


Introduction to Issue 6 Sandra Renew and Moya Pacey
Undertow Sara Backer
Nikolai Gogol Emily Bourke
Before we grow old Clara Burghelea
Tricks of the Trade Jennifer Compton
‘…scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, or illuminations‘ PS Cottier
Thoughts engendered by too much time in the public service Mary Cresswell
‘femininity’ aischa daughtery
Photographic Memory Diana Donovan
october twenty-seventh Ellie Fisher
Sonnet Dagne Forrest
Self-portrait in the bathtub Anna Forsyth
Stay or go? Jane Frank
Going Home Kathryn Fry
Christmas in November 2019 Sophie Furlong Tighe
Ode to Sybil Ludington Taylor Garrison
On H Street Late Monday Evening Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
Residue Stephanie Green
Peck Marks Hazel Hall
Requiem for a whale Dominique Hecq
LOST AND FOUND Gail Hennessy
writing home Judit Katalin Hollos
A Tally of Desire Jill Jones
electric frogs Michaela Keeble
Communion Penelope Layland
First Day Out at the Supermarket Wes Lee
In the doctor’s rooms Stephanie Lum
The patriarchs Jacqui Malins
Abrasion Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello
Are You Afraid to Write 2020 Christina McDermott
Aging: Victoria McGrath
Distance Blurs Amanda McLeod
Homing Rosalind Moran
Fleeing 2019 in a 2004 Ford Leah Mueller
Diapause Lizz Murphy
Regent Theatres, Empire Halls K A Nelson
collateral damage jenni nixon
Black Feathers Rosa O’Kane
The Poet Cleans Her Teeth Morgan Plessner
The Former See-Saw Jessy Randall
Pause KA Rees
the last day of january Sarah Bex Rice
The Moon and the Teapot Debbie Robson
Rouseabout Francine Rochford
Brujería Ann Schlotzhauer
The Bus Heidi Slettedahl
Picking Lemons Madelaine Smith
The Wedding Suit Gerry Stewart
Click-click needles Robyn Sykes
The Silk Roads Lesley Synge
Knossos Helen Thurloe
Andrea Yate’s Children Take a Bath Tina Vorreyer
Refusing disaster (a survival plan) Jen Webb
An Ode to the Things I Did Not Know H.D. Weidemann
Flicker Sophia Wilson
Ode to a Familiar City Jena Woodhouse
Readings of Emily Dickinson As I Pack My Bags for Leaving Nicole Yurcaba
Burqa Bänoo Zan

Fire poems from some of our editors
Crematorium KA Nelson
Waiting Moya Pacey
Moment Anita Patel
Playing us Sandra Renew

Listen to the NVQ issue 6 virtual mic readings of some of the poems in this issue.

Also, you can view all poems in the issue on one long scrolling page.