The Bus

Outside it is snowing, and not a little bit,

The kind that makes you want to stay indoors,

The kind that gets down the neck of your coat if you are not,

that clings and melts against your skin.

The kind that is lovely in December and truly awful in March,

The kind that makes the car slide out from under you, towards that tree,

or that ditch or worse yet

that person, just standing there, waiting for the bus.


Heidi Slettedahl


Listen to Heidi reading ‘The Bus’ (0:31)


Heidi Slettedahl is an academic and a US–UK dual national who goes by a slightly different name professionally. She has been published sporadically in small literary journals, including  Picaroon Poetry, Vita Brevis, Dream Noir and I Want You to See This Before I Leave.

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