Issue 6 – virtual mic

Welcome to our online launch of NVQ issue 6. Since we couldn’t meet face-to-face – necessity, mothers, invention, etc – we thought we would try a virtual mic.

We put out a call to all poets in Issue to 6 to send us audio recordings of their poem and a number of poets did. Thank you! Plus our editors’ read their poems on Australia’s bushfires.

We hope you enjoy them.


Uploaded 8 April 2020

Self-portrait in the Bathtub (0:58), Anna Forsyth

The Moon and the Teapot (0:48), Debbie Robson

Uploaded 2 April 2020

scribbles … (1:34), PS Cottier

Refusing disaster (a survival plan) (1:30), Jen Webb

Uploaded 31 March 2020

Ode to Sybil Ludington (0:59), Taylor Garrison

writing home (0:10), Judit Hollos

In the doctor’s rooms (1:13), Steph Lum

The patriarchs (1:50), Jacqui Malins

Distance Blurs (1:03), Amanda McLeod

The Wedding Suit (1:03), Gerry Stewart

Uploaded 30 March 2020

Going Home (0:56), Kathryn Fry

Sonnet (1:05), Dagne Forrest

View Dagne reading on Vimeo.

Stay or go? (0:33), Jane Frank

Diapause (0:48), Lizz Murphy

collateral damage (1:31), jenni nixon

The Former See-Saw (0.33), Jessy Randall

Pause (0:49), K A Rees

Rouseabout (5:09), Francine Rochford

The Bus (0:31), Heidi Slettedahl

Click-click needles (1:52), Robyn Sykes

Flicker (1:35), Sophia Wilson

Burqa (2:42), Bänoo Zan

Fire poems by some of the NVQ editors

Crematorium (1:10), K A Nelson

Waiting (1:31), Moya Pacey

Moment (0:54), Anita Patel

Playing us (1:55) Sandra Renew