Now this—
not our first
conflagration, but still,
the biggest yet. The timbered hills
in drought conditions, heat waves and winds
that turn, and turn: fireballs, incineration, flammagenitus—
a cloud—volcanic properties, mind of its own,
its temper rising, turbulent
then cooling.
Ice can
play a role and so
can rain—it’s not well
understood—outgassing gas
on particles of ash and if it rains,
can put its fire out!  I confess, the role
of lightning, jet stream, water vapour is
tinder in my brain, waiting
for a spark.

Is there
a politician in power anywhere,
willing to address this summer’s mass
cremation?  As citizens cry out
for climate action, they
promise ‘evolution’.
What we get
is spin &

K A Nelson


Listen to Kerrie reading ‘Crematorium’ (1:10)


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