Stay or go?

Unanswered texts
like the agapanthus
that didn’t flower
last year,

a removalist van
coinciding with dark
between moons:
guilty spells

of silence, the twin
trees redder in
drought than ever
before as if

making a plea for
the decade to come –
the best yet?
Frangipani boughs

are clocks’ hands
exploding pink at
dawn, never still
until the leaves fall

Jane Frank


Listen to Jane reading ‘Stay or go?’ (0.33)


Jane Frank’s poems have appeared most recently in Hecate, StylusLitMeniscus, Cicerone Journal, The Poet’s Republic, Grieve vol. 7 (Hunter Writers Centre 2019) and the Heroines anthology vol. 2 (Neo Perennial Press 2019). She was joint winner of the Queensland Poetry Festival Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award in 2019 and teaches writing and literary studies at Griffith University.

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