october twenty-seventh

i was born the same identical day _ as two other poets _ under the same star _ as Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath _ both rather unhappy patron saints _ it must be said _ when i examine _ with forensic stillness _ their photographic likenesses _ watch Dylan’s mad eyes _ plump face _ uneasy figure _ curling hair _ watch Sylvia’s proud mouth _ tall form _ darkened eyes _ whitened cheeks _ listen to their performances _ captured _ sizzle of air _ for all time _ his tensed voice _ guttering and resonant _ less welsh than i imagined _ her sprung voice _ chill and commanding _ less american than i imagined _ as i listen i feel _ a distant kinship _ un-arrogant _ to these two masters of the trade _ lucky to have been born _ under their star _ heat blackened scorpion _ deep water sign _ one male _ one female _ unhappy relationships for both _ for him _ with Caitlin _ three children _ for her _ with Ted _ two children _ but i _ with my usual intensity _ have resolved to abstain from love _ just look at the trouble it causes _ both dead by their own hand _ Dylan _ careening _ from alcohol in her land _ Sylvia _ frozen _ from her own intention in his _ both tragic _ both troubled _ both emotionally volatile _ we three burn away the peripheral _ i listen to the interviews _ research their lives _ read their words _ imbibe their influence _ imagine their inner worlds _ and then turn the table my way _ my time to shape new words _ for october twenty-seventh

Ellie Fisher


Ellie Fisher is a 19-year-old poet, writer, and student of English and History at the University of Western Australia in Albany. Her first published piece is the prose poem ‘Eldest of Things’, anthologized in Once: a Selection of Short Short Stories (Night Parrot Press 2020).

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