Spring Purples with Coast Tea Tree and Golden Wattle

with Paulownia tomentosa, Leptospermum laevigatum and Acacia pycnantha

Its genus named for majesty, this backyard tree spills
lilac. Rainbows rush bright to tongue nectar in its

blossoming. Being is choral. A chrysalis of days is
contingent on code that bounces onscreen. The ABC

backdrop matches the news presenter’s tie. Magenta.
Wattle purpose is golden drift beside a creek, where

tea trees petal soft on path. A crush of coastal
befalling. Avoidantly, masks flower. Online we’ve

learnt—that this novel thing will thrive, will escape
our best intent, will break apart with              lather.

Anne Elvey


Anne Elvey lives on Boon Wurrung Country in Victoria. Her publications include, On arrivals of breath (Poetica Christi 2019), White on White (Cordite Books 2018), and Kin (FIP 2014). Obligations of Voice is forthcoming from Recent Work Press in 2021. Anne is editor of hope for whole: poets speak up to Adani.

Listen to Anne reading Spring Purples with Coast Tea Tree and Golden Wattle (1:13)

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