What’s next for your submission?

Timeline for issue 4 (revised 12 Feb 2019)

Issue 4 has the following production schedule:

  • Saturday, 9 February 2019. Editors complete selection process.
  • Tuesday, 12 February. Selection notifications sent to authors
  • Friday, 15 February. Authors reply and accept our Terms and Conditions of publication via Submittable.
  • Friday, 1 March. (or before). Page proofs sent to authors via note in Submittable.
  • Monday, 4 March. Any authors corrections or alterations sent via Submittable.
  • Mid-March. Issue 4 will be sent live. We’ll notify you of the exact date via Submittable.
  • Monday, 18 March 2018. Launch at Smith’s Alternative, Canberra. If you will be in Canberra and think you can attend, let us know!


We will make every effort to maintain the formatting you indicate in your submission, including:

  • caps (or lack thereof) in the title and/or text
  • indented paragraphs
  • centred paragraphs or right-aligned paragraphs
  • italics and bold

BUT, we are limited by the styles available through the website software.

We cannot create extra space within lines or unusual white space between lines. We do not have the same level of control that print on paper affords.

Special characters
  • Most special characters can be reproduced in the text of a poem.
  • Special characters (e.g. the ones that are found in ‘Symbols’) cannot be reproduced in the title field.