Curb Stomping

Bring back wearing curb stomping boots.
Big old combat boots not mainstreamed into dainty things.
The ones with steels toes and metal ended laces.
Those heavy fuckers that bleed and callus and demand to be respected.
Those blood for blood boots; the ones your mother hates but appreciates.
The kind built for breaking noses at riot fest.
The kind that advertise an extra sense a security to your ‘barely there’.
The ones that advertise:
I am my father’s left over hatred.
I am my mother’s broken jaw.
I am my brother’s bloodied knuckles.
I am.
I am.
I am.
I told you so.

Gabriela Jimenez-Carrillo


Gabriela Jimenez-Carrillo is a twenty something multi genre author who lives on the outskirts of Chicago. She’s been published by Thrice and The Broke Bohemian.

© 2017