Easy to see

I bow to you
you bow to me
performing a dance
strangers often do,
Lonchinver pavement too small
for your feet and mine

After you, I say
Oh no, after you, comes your reply
and we are bending
swaying and bowing again,
widening smiles
enlivening our pace

Achaye you say
before striding on by
It’s easy to see
We’ve both had husbands

Kathy Kituai


Kathy Kituai published a documentary for NBC, seven poetry collections, five anthologies, a children’s story, and received two Canberra Critic awards for her teaching in Scotland, South Australia, New South Wales, and the ACT since 1990. Her latest publication, Deep in the Valley of Tea Bowls, won the 2016 ACT Writing and Publisher Award.

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