in the change room

a safe place
to be disgraceful
after swimming
busy seniors looking
a little more wrinkled

gold and silver
adorning ears and fingers
other metals
in some body parts
hidden out of sight

a blatant tatt
on one throbbing shoulder
helps her forget
the remedy needed
for a torn rotator cuff

light talk
of trips to the gyno
winks exchanged
from dimpled buttocks
of assorted sizes

noble breasts
worn from family service
faded scars
from battle grounds
badges of honour

by preening teenagers
elders sharing
confidence in knowing
they travel together

Hazel Hall


Hazel Hall is a Canberra Poet. She has published haiku, tanka and free verse in a number of Australian and overseas journals and anthologies. Her latest collection is Eggshell Sky (2017). Hazel was recently awarded the Skylark’s Nest Award and back cover space for her tanka in Skylark (5:1 2017).

© 2017