The way to Grahan

into the cool dark forest
oils of Himalayan Cedars

the worn dirt path to the village
beside the muscle of the river

there were posters in town, photos of the latest traveller
missing, last seen, any information

did they travel with a Baba who secretly fed them Datura,
until they went mad?

who were the three unknown men?
shall I hide and wait for them to pass?

a log, fallen across the river
straddling it, bark catches my jeans

a branch sticks out
water swells beneath me

if I fall with this pack
the freezing water
……………..…….the rocks

Sue Peachey


Sue Peachey is a New Zealander currently living in Canberra. She is a landscape designer with a strong interest in permaculture, pottery and poetry. She has published previously in Eucalypt, Haibun Today and Kokako.

© 2017