She is trapped in a fast-moving vehicle with the enemy.
She might be driving but the person next to her is in charge,

or thinks she is, delivering a speech. It is a rant on the faults
of the driver – a dangerous enterprise on a number of levels.

She is silent but full of scenarios: perhaps she could swerve
across the highway into oncoming traffic? She could stop

the vehicle and push the passenger out onto the shoulder
of the road or, better still, while the car is still moving.

She chooses none of the above. Silent, she continues
to drive safely, just above the speed limit. At Pheasant’s Nest

the enemy floats a question: If the plane crashes tomorrow, is this
the memory you want to have of our last hours together, Mum?

K A Nelson


K A Nelson is a prize-winning poet who has been published in Australian Poetry, Best Australian Poems 2015, Mascara Literary Review, Westerly (Crossings) 2017 and The Canberra Times. She is currently writing a memoir with poetry at the University of Canberra as part of a Masters by Research program.

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