Comme des garcons

– tribute to Rei Kawakubo

Comme des garçons,
On va décider pour nous-mêmes.
We can take the decisions for ourselves,
And just like the boys, we’ll wear the pants – on va porter les pantalons.
We’ll make the rules this time and we’ll forge a new path
We find our power in love; our strength comes from within.
We’ll march, we’ll fight, we’ll keep it equal and in-between
We’ll bring back the black in new shades of wrath.
And we’ll wear any other colours we like.
We won’t be silenced in the meetings any longer.
We’ll breach the gender gaps with bonds, getting stronger.
We’ll throw stereotypes out the window with one cue.
And when the time is right, comme seulement des femmes,
We’ll carry the children, like only women do.

Akka Ballenger Constantin


Akka Ballenger Constantin is a dreamer with a camera and a pen. Her work is never unilateral, words and images complete each other most often. Her work has been published by the online magazines Jalmurra, be:longing and Woroni. Recently, she found her feet in live performances at the Noted Festival, Alliance Française, Ainslie and Gorman Art Centre and the Multicultural Festival. She also blogs at Planet Akka.

© 2018