A circular clay sculpture
found in Cyprus depicts

a bronze age sacrifice—

bulls in pens
docile and waiting for death

an enthroned figure
presiding over the ritual

standing figures
wearing the heads of bulls
hands joined in mutual purpose

while reverent spectators sit
obediently with straight spines.

But there is something imperfect
about this sacred circle;

one profane figure, excluded,
is immortalized in the act of
trying to climb the wall

participation so important
the artist had to recreate
the anguish of being outside.

Toni La Ree Bennett


Toni La Ree Bennett’s verbal and visual work has appeared in Gold Man Review, Gravel, Poemmemoirstory, Puerto del Sol, Hawaii Pacific Review, december, and Memoir among other publications. She is also a photographer and lives with a flock of feisty finches. Her photography can be seen on her website.

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