Swigging from her over-sized sea-blue water flask, she never
noticed the fish that slid into her. She mistook its dance for the
quickening and stocked up on Clear Blue pregnancy tests.
Squatting over the red bucket she emptied herself, threw the
sticks in and stirred the jetsam with a wooden spoon. After three
minutes she fished them out patting each along the edge of the
fringed beach towel. A fin, a gill, a cold rimmed eye. She
arranged the small windows, piecing together the cerulean lines.
Sometimes, results can be consequence.

Monica Carroll


Monica Carroll is an experimental writer and poet. She is the Creative and Cultural Fellow for the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research. Her creative and academic work has been widely awarded and anthologised within Australia and abroad. Her research interests include phenomenology, artists’ books and space. She recently published Isolator (2017) with Recent Work Press.

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