The Feminist

At the party
when I said
I was a feminist

All the men
left the room
clutching their cans of beer.

They returned
and huddled
in another corner.

I continued
on safer things

The terrorist threat
Social justice
the refugee crisis.

The men returned
offering me glasses
of wine

And an
to dance.

Denise Burton


After growing up in Sydney and living in such diverse places as London and Billinudgel, Denise has now spent a little over two decades happily settled in Canberra. She says: ‘I write as a way of recording events in life that I feel warrant expression. The themes of my poetry reflect life experiences such as raising children, travelling, family, family history and social justice.’ Canberra’s active poetry scene has given her the opportunity to get involved in poetry groups and performances at Festivals and Functions in Canberra and the region.

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