Wool, Cotton, Silk

The Nobel Prize for Literature, awarded to
100 males and 14 females between 1901
and 2017, left Sy to scrutinise the names
of authors on her bookshelves and reading
lists. Overwhelmingly males saw published
their discoveries, insights, outlook, pleas
for understanding, tropes on either side

of the river write where the notion of merit
still resides in the eyes of the dominant
dweller. The fabric of theme and time has
Sy suggest that the cotton, silk and wool
of history and the arts could acknowledge
gender equality, may recognise the thread
of civility in cloths society weaves.

Joyce Parkes


Joyce Parkes is published in Overland, Westerly, LinQ, foam:e, Cordite, Meanjin, Axon, Creatrix, and in numerous other literary magazines, journals and anthologies in Australia and nine other countries.

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