an introduction to a poet who isn’t me

let’s return to an image of the poet in red

physically capable, perhaps
but put together a little like
a towel wrapped around wet hair

one eye droops a little
you see her catching her breath
on a hybrid filter cigarette

as she draws her forehead
to her chest, surveying the area
wind blows ash into her mouth

and the movement surprises you
her blank lyric rising and stumbling
between glasses, into tables

scratching verse into the paintwork
glorified, eulogised,
takes a swig, eyes rise to meet

Claire Albrecht

Claire Albrecht is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. Her current work investigates multimodal forms and the connections between poetry and photography in contemporary creative practice. Claire’s work appears in Cordite Poetry Review, Overland Literary Journal and Plumwood Mountain, among others. Her debut chapbook will be launched in October 2018.

© 2018