Days Drawing In

after Autumn by Gig Ryan

You sleep to forget, and wake having forgotten
Nutt & Muddle used to make one-armed jackpots
Screw up the news in a house you can never own
and everything else that everyone else got so wrong
He is success without tomorrow, as the French say
Then I blank so I go for a long walk with no one
or trudge away with a pen in my hand in one spot
while their daily tragedies persuade me to be cool
She leaves us to our own devices, a bad mother,
and sets up shop in an adjacent room and cries
Words scrabble and scatter into crazy alphabet
The digital numbers flash, it’s time it’s time
to be afresh, afoot, childish, slow tonalities
and even blessings are offering yesterday
Something gorgeous wraps it up completely
Outside, it is really raining, raining for real

Jennifer Compton


Jennifer Compton lives in Melbourne and is a poet and playwright who also writes prose.

© 2018