Getting in the Way and Science


Intending to chop wood he chopped the bad girl
in half. People didn’t like this but the bad girl got in
the way. She got in the way of the man and in the
way of the axe and in the way of the wood and in the
way of the job. Finally, she got in the way of
keeping warm and making soup because she didn’t
burn well. People didn’t care about any of this but
they cared a lot about punishment. They said, ‘You
are a bad man’ but they did not consider what that
might mean he would get in the way of.



We must determine if the lovers are as they say.
We know they act like fractals. We know they feel
gravity. Would they use a horse-whip on each other
though? And is it possible to find out how they
came into being and if, in fact, they’re an invariant


MTC Cronin


MTC Cronin has published more than twenty books, her most recent being the book-length poem, Causal (Spuyten Duyvil, New York, 2018). A prose poem collection, God is Waiting in the World’s Yard, is forthcoming with Puncher & Wattmann, Sydney.

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