Milliner’s Late Night

Her millinery shop had windows bright
With fascinators for madame whose face
Needs artificial lace to help erase
Ten years and homburgs for suburbanites
Disguised as understated socialites.
She scanned the sawdust-trampled street in case
Her customer was late or had misplaced
The payment for this bretonne veiled in white.

Winds cold as fingers of an old cashier
Blew scraps through the boutique as beggars took
Their place. The organ grinder’s monkey held
His fez when coins appeared as sunset neared.
A lady, cloaked, knocked with a frantic look
As, in the distance, wedding steeples belled.

LindaAnn LoSchiavo


LindaAnn LoSchiavo has had her stage plays produced in the USA and Adelaide, Australia. Her journalism has appeared Down Under in The Australian Women’s Weekly, Cleo, etc. She dotes on fiction and formal verse.

© 2018