Surprised By Shadow

The sunken grey canopy
of a winter that long overstayed
its welcome is gone. Hedgerows burst

with new growth and blackbirds tilt
orange beaks to sing at a summer-blue sky.
Windows and doors are flung open. Left open.

Shirtsleeves are rolled back
clothes-horses folded and washing
is hung out to dry.

In the town square a small child
follows her father. He urges her to hurry.
She walks at a slant, intoeing in her pink wellies.

She’s turning her head to look behind
look ahead to keep him in sight. ‘But Daddy’
she pleads ‘I’ve got a shadow!’

Rosa O’Kane


Rosa O’Kane was born and grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Canberra. She describes herself as a Saturday Morning poet and has had poetry published online, in print and on a bus. Her poem ‘Hydrography of the Heart’ was published in the Hippocrates and Medicine Anthology (2014).

© 2018