Today there’s a newcomer to the aqua-robics class. She’s edging into the coveted front line. Into somebody else’s prime real estate. Outrageous. Furthermore, the new woman is wearing a shower cap! One of those disposable handouts from a motel bathroom. Can you imagine it? The rightful owner looks at other front liners with eyes raised to heaven. Her supporters do the same. It’s a harrowing business. Hard to concentrate on exercise when there’s a trespasser in the midst.

Blissfully unaware of her misdemeanour, the intruder is having a great time. She’s a strong, blonde woman with an angular face. Eyebrows that haven’t been plucked properly. Legs betraying many shaves. She’s splashing and smiling at everybody. Her face is filled with light.

dusk settles ―
high in the treetops
no perches left

Hazel Hall


Hazel Hall is a Canberra poet and musicologist She has published haiku, tanka and free verse in a number of Australian and overseas journals and anthologies. Her latest collections are Eggshell Sky (2017), Step By Step with Angelina Egan (2018), Moonlight over the Siding (2018) and You are Her Words with Karen Bailey (2019).

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