Nights with Arthur

Arthur is my brother we spend a lot of time together we both
wear each other’s shirts trousers skirts dresses three piece
suits denim jackets drain pipe jeans high vis vests skinny jeans
crocheted hats leather gloves singlets tailored high waist
trousers waistcoats monocles shotguns watches riding boots
driving goggles macs coats capes cloaks shorts thongs t shirts
rash vests wet suits sweat shirts jumpers anoraks evening
dresses upset stomachs headaches wigs toupees glasses short
hair long hair pony tail moustaches leg hairs we both have leg
hairs. We both have moustaches. We both have such thin

Christine Paice


Christine Paice is a poet and writer. She has published blah and blah and will be published in Poetry Ireland Review in 2019. She is currently working on her compulsion for long grass, the pulling up thereof, and the next instalment in her acclaimed memoir, The History of Suburban Driveways.

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