Suicide Note of an Abandoned Wife

Dear World
I never learned
How to burn belly fat
Train a rat to massage my feet
How long a body takes to turn to blancmange
How to cast a spell on the neighbour’s wife
How to be good on top
Convert a chimney into a man trap
Read Shakespeare in original Klingon
What is Wolverine gay porn
When will World War III begin
Can you get cancer of the heart
Who let the dogs out
How to cook a human thigh
Why my dog is the only one who shares her thoughts with me
Dear World
I never learned how to talk to my son
But I know how to stalk someone
What is pretty
Where can I sell a kidney
How many capsules does it take
How to dispose of a body
Delete my history?

Julie Maclean


Julie Maclean is the author of five poetry collections – Lips That Did (Dancing Girl Press 2017), To Have to Follow (Indigo Dreams 2016), Kiss of the Viking (Poetry Salzburg 2014), You Love You Leave (Kind of a Hurricane Press 2014) and When I saw Jimi (Indigo Dreams 2013).

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