Two stroke (or more)

So I’m watching Judith Butler on YouTube,
talking about gender and performance,
and an ad for power tools come up
somewhere across the middle of her,
and I think why does Google analytics
(or whoever) think I am interested
in power tools, notably chainsaws?
I have never wielded a chainsaw,
never even mowed the lawn (swoon),
although I have arranged many a gnome,
stuck flamingos in the grassy sward
like candles into green-iced cakes,


perhaps because I often Google cars,
and muscle cars at that, the harvestbots
assume that I am male, and therefore,
must have an abiding interest in the tools
they hung like a noisy garland around Judith Butler?
By this stage I have totally missed
whatever it was she has been talking about.
So I will watch her clip again, responsibly.
Next time will there be chainsaws?
Or perhaps three inch stiletto heels,
sharp as the spikes on which lawn-birds
spend their pink-flocked flightless days.

PS Cottier


PS Cottier is a poet who lives in Canberra, who knows nothing of the internal combustion engine, but loves her car. Also her canaries.

© 2019