Women in Lingerie!

Italian lingerie knows how to flow
Toward women naturally defying ‘firm’.
(— — Are females being hardened for study? — —)
Their intimate line’s not to be confused
With staunch American-made underwear
That fears the radiant center cut
Of genitals, scrubbed clean so anxiously.

Italians realize that clarity
Is never lingerie’s intent. Who needs
Materials’ mirror humbling curves each time?
Italian figures sing, remembering
Years diets didn’t grow to shame the girls,
Surrounding fuller figures with solitude.

As long as nude is lewd, demands we make
Of lingerie accumulate. It must:
Create distracting corners for the eyes
Alive to friction of soft thighs, and be
Aware of where your lover’s driven mad.

It’s sensuality that fights the shapelessness
Of flabby life with fresh hormonal fruit
Called opportunity that writes all scripts — —
With half-dressed bodies as its landing strip.

LindaAnn LoSchiavo


LindaAnn LoSchiavo has had her stage plays produced in the USA and Adelaide, Australia. Her journalism has appeared Down Under in The Australian Women’s Weekly, Cleo, etc. She dotes on fiction and formal verse.

© 2018