I Kneel to the Muddy Water in Me

I think I could not be any happier than I am right now.

I think this on days when I know I could be happier.

I think this on days when it doesn’t stop raining for hours and
I forego a jacket entirely, running to that artificial stream
reckless in my happiness or unhappiness and

I kneel to the water

to the muddy water
to the muddy water in me

I bow to it.
I bow to it and to all the parts in myself that
could or could not be happier.

I bow to the artificial stream and to
each artificial stream in me I have manufactured to look happier.

someone dug through the earth to put you here, I say,
Someone dug through the Earth to put me here too.

The artificial river does not reply.

Dawn-Hunter Strobel


Dawn-Hunter Strobel is 21 years old and is about to begin her last year of her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Writing has been her salve for as long as she knew of sickness.

© 2019