Stone Tree Breath

on Dja Dja Wurrung Country
at Melville Caves, colonially named after Captain Melville,
a bushranger who hid out there


Enduring discipline of air

in leaf and shimmer attends

this granite estate


of concealment. Its consoling

vistas swing there to

here. Things stir. They


shift as if grace speaks

where a great hawk rides

this (in)explicable world of gas


this answering science of breath.

Do you say hallowed

mystery or sleuth


say there to here say gust to

gale that steps runs through

animates limbs. This stone’s idiom


of respect is older

than your guess

as sun plays


across leaves’ lances

like the spill of a sore

toward its mend.

Anne Elvey


Anne Elvey’s most recent book of poetry is White on White (Cordite Books 2018). She is editor of a hope for whole: poets speak up to Adani (Rosslyn Avenue Productions 2018), and managing editor of Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics. Anne lives on Boonwurrung Country in Seaford, VIC, and holds honorary appointments at Monash University and University of Divinity.

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