This Lovebite

on my cheek will fade
but the beauty of your folly
fathoms deep
will never seep from my mind.

I was wary of you at first
as you corralled me to your vantage point
and then I saw it–
shimmering-shy on the seafloor–
a boudoir ringed with rolling hills
crested with twinkling treasures.
Valleys carpeted in ebony shale.
Sand swirls of every hue
fin-whittled to perfection!

“For you” I thought you whispered
and I knew that there in that bed you’d dressed
in the finest white sand you could find
I would rest my heaviness. Sink
deep in the cool silky bliss
and pray the tide would never turn.

Rosa O’Kane


This Lovebite is inspired by the article ‘Role of Huge Geometric Circular Structures in the Reproduction of a Marine Pufferfish’ by Hiroshi Kawase, Yoji Okata & Kimiaki Ito.

Rosa O’Kane was born and grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Canberra. Her poems have appeared in The Canberra Times, an Action bus and online in Not Very Quiet. Her poem ‘Hydrography of the Heart’ was commended in the 2014 Hippocrates and Medicine Anthology and for the past 2 years, she was shortlisted for the ACU (Australian Catholic University) Poetry Prize.

© 2019