List of Illustrations

  1. Tomboy?

a. A pleated pale-yellow skirt stained with mud.

b. A frog collected from the floor of the forest in a
knitting machine box.

c. 2 small pale hands holding worms and flowers.

d. Pink plastic stable doors and blue plastic trains.

2. “You’re too much like a boy…”

a. High heeled shoes on a skateboard.

b. A stack of mixtapes.

c. Multiple ink drawings of Jean Grey.

d. A navy-blue cardigan covered in pastel pink paint.

3. “…You’ll never find a man”

a. Plastic platform stilettoes with cigarette trousers.

b. A tumble of nail varnishes piled into a box.

c. A wedding dress hanging in a pale hotel bedroom.

d. A list of birthdays pinned as a note on the fridge.

4. Who needs one?

a. A pile of purple hair snipped off on the salon floor.

b. A tattoo of the Rocky Mountains.

c. A Hawaiian shirt billowing over a mini dress.

d. A woman performing poems in front of an audience.

Siobhán Carroll

Siobhán Carroll is a queer writer and performer based in Edinburgh. She lives in Leith with 2 cats and a lot of books. She writes poetry, prose, and personal essays. She is an editor at trashheap and in normal times performs around Edinburgh and Scotland.

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