Meerabai songs – about the translators

Maurice Corlett

Maurice is a poet and prose writer from Wagga Wagga. He was born and raised in Newhaven on the south coast of England. A locale that inspired his early work. Some time ago his short story was published The State Of the Art. He has had poems accepted by fourW, an annual Australian journal.

Hazel Hall

Hazel’s latest publications are Moonlight Over the Siding (Interactive Press 2019) and Severed Web (Picaro Poets 2020). She is grateful to Subhash Jaireth and Poetry on the Move for this unique opportunity to study and translate two of Meera’s songs.

Matt Hetherington

Matt is a writer, music-maker, teacher, and moderate self-promoter based in northern New South Wales. He has been writing poetry for over 30 years, and his sixth collection, Kaleidoscopes, was published by Recent Work Press in September 2020.

Subhash Jaireth

Subhash is a multi-lingual scholar and poet. His latest publications include, Spinoza’s Overcoat: Travels with Writers and Poets (Transit Lounge 2020) and a collection of translations titled Rain Clouds: Meerabai (Recent Work Press 2020). Subhash ran an online translation workshop, ‘Translation: The Songs of Meerabai’, in October 2020 as part of the University of Canberra’s Poetry on the Move festival.

Penelope Layland

Penelope’s 2018 book, Things I’ve thought to tell you since I saw you last, was the poetry winner in the ACT Publishing and Writing Awards and was shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize and the ACT Book of the Year Award. Her most recent book is Nigh (Recent Work Press 2020).

Sandra Renew

Sandra’s recent collections are The Orlando Files (Ginninderra Press 2018) and Acting Like a Girl (Recent Work Press 2019) – the winner of the 2020 ACT Writing and Publishing Award for Poetry. It’s the sugar, Sugar will be forthcoming in 2021 (Recent Work Press).

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We gratefully acknowledge Recent Work Press for allowing us to republish the introduction, ‘Translating Love Songs of Meerabai’, and Song 2 translation by Subhash Jaireth. Both were published previously in Rain Clouds: Meerabai (Recent Work Press 2020).

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