Captain Longstocking

gave permission
to winter
and it’s hard
to see
the baby rain
through the thick
green film
on the windows
of Villa Villekulla

in the pastel tub
Tommy takes
a borrowed set
of clippers
to my matted
red locks
while Annika sits
in the corner
giving herself
purple goose

I force
the butt
of my cigarette
down the teeth
of the drain
and say
for no one

I think
he’ll be here


Laura Hoffman


Laura Hoffman is a United States Marine Corps veteran and senior at The University of North Florida. Hoffman’s most recent work appears in Clear Poetry, The Bangalore Review, Penultimate Peanut, Bop Dead City, The Gyroscope Review, Typishly, Poetry Circle, Flypaper Magazine and Cease Cows.

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