Prayer to Kali

teach me
how to resist
those who have wiped history,
and remade the past
in their vision,
reshaped it into something
easier for them to swallow.

Teach me,
so I can take those
who erased my history
and erase them from the future.

Show me,
how to lay siege
to their towers
and glass ceilings,

how to tear down
their empires
brick by brick,
until only ruins remain.

Show me,
and I will dance
in the wreck
among corpses,

Brianna J Muir


Brianna J Muir is a young writer from Canberra, Australia. When she’s not working towards her archaeology degree, she writes, and sometimes it’s poetry. Her work has been published most notably by Seizure, Woroni, and in Navigating the Maze (Adonis Designs Press 2016).

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