Rhythm on the Inside


Dad’s at weaving flying the shuttle

back forth back

mam’s at mopping

left right left

Teatime and the kettle sings

thick soup plop plop plops

over the fire



Dad’s at the mill and minding looms

thump thump thump

mam and our Jen’s on spools

whirl whizz twirl

After tea they’re for trying new steps

lindy-hop to a swing band

on the wireless



Dad’s on the computer far upstairs

clackety clack clackety

mam’s got the box on sound down

mutter mutter mutter

We’ve had our tea in the kitchen it’s just

mouse-scratch and beetle-creak

under the floor

So I’m off out

see some action

feel that beat

Joy Howard


Joy Howard founded Grey Hen Press in 2007, specialising in publishing the work of older women poets through a series of themed anthologies. She is widely published in anthologies, magazines and journals, and online and has three collections: Exit Moonshine (Grey Hen 2009), Refurbishment (Ward Wood 2011) and Foraging (Arachne Press 2017).

© 2018