Spot the Difference Had Gadya

After Fay Zwicky

One little Azazel Goat.
one little Azazel goat.
That mother bought
for two pots of chicken soup.
One little Azazel Goat.

Along came the barnacle goose
who nipped Anna’s big toe
who followed the crimson thread
to the messianic banquet, who freed
the Ziz, who laughed with Behemoth,
who stroked the dove, that shat
on Beast Nebuchadnezzar who could only
eat vegetables, who swapped
shoes with the serpent who took tea
with chipped Spode, who slugged
old wine with the rooster and pearly
Great fish, who sung with the ram
and played her grandfather’s fife,
leading the ostriches through the streets
of Tzfat, who carried Shamir in a basket
of barleycorn. One little Azazel goat.
One little Azazel goat.

Anna Jacobson


Anna Jacobson is a Brisbane-based poet and artist. Her poetry has been published in literary journals including ABR’s States of PoetryCordite, Meanjin, and Verity La. Anna’s poetry chapbook The Last Postman (Vagabond Press 2018) is part of the deciBels series 3.

© 2018