On not being a grandmother

It is enough
in December sunshine
to listen to the buried gurgle of water
over stones in the tangled gully.
It is enough
to breathe tangs of moist earth,
heavy moss, spices of eucalypt
that quench the petrichor of a sudden shower.
It is enough
to watch crepuscular rays
steaming with motes and insects in a flurry,
creating dappled patterns that shift and sway.
It is enough
that you are with me
on this day

Carmel Summers


Carmel Summers is a Canberra-based poet with an interest in a wide variety of forms. Her poetry, especially tanka, has been published in journals in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan and UK. She has been shortlisted in the Blake Poetry Prize and her collaborative poetry book, The Last Day Before Snow (Malicorne Publications, 2016) was awarded the ACT Publishing Award in 2017.

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