Red Carpet Interview

I am wearing
my white wedding-night lingerie,
under the dress I sewed for the steampunk ball,
under my grandmother’s yellow silk dressing gown,
under the tartan kilt of my old school uniform,
under the turquoise blazer I bought for my first job interview,
under the team t-shirt from my Missions trip to Greece,
under my first bikini, designer, with pink flowers,
under my favourite stretchy pregnancy pants, with the really good waistband,
under the Chinese green silk blouse I scored last week at Vinnies,
under my waitressing apron,
under my doctoral gown,
under my gardening clothes,
under my skin,
under my bare skin,
under my own bare skin.

I am not wearing shoes.

Susan Wardell


Susan Wardell is from Dunedin, New Zealand. She currently lectures in Social Anthropology at the University of Otago, while raising two small humans and a few potted plants. She has been published in Landfall, Takahe, and Ecological Citizen. She won 2nd place in the Landfall Essay Competition in 2018.

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