The Politics of Tango

He keeps her leaning in.
Too close
for comfort?

He will lead
her backwards
on her toes.

He reserves the right to change
everything: direction, weight
from one foot to the other.

He will step
into her space –
the sacada.

Forward ocho, back ocho:
feet trace a symbol of infinity
of her attunement,

body twists, focused
on him, the centre
of their gravity.

A flutter of stilettos –
ethereal, never meant for standing
on her own.

Irina Frolova


Irina Frolova is a Russian-born Australian poet who lives in Lake Macquarie with her three human and two feline children. Irina’s poetry is intercultural, feminist and largely auto-biographical. Her writing explores human psychology, cultural identity, womanhood, relationships and connection to nature.

© 2019