Woman Quits Femininity

She is hanging up her mask,
colourful as it is,
they say “easy on the eye”.
Let the glances fall where they may,
they won’t touch her.

She is taking off her heels.
No, they won’t make her
reach the stars, no more
tiptoeing through life.
Time to put her foot down,
stand her ground.

She is throwing out her razor,
it’s no longer appealing
to throw out time and money. Instead
she will sharpen her tongue
to cut off opinions not called for.

She is stepping off the scales –
they can’t measure up to her.
She will feed her hunger,
no need to deny herself

Irina Frolova


Irina Frolova is a Russian-born Australian poet who lives in Lake Macquarie with her three human and two feline children. Irina’s poetry is intercultural, feminist and largely auto-biographical. Her writing explores human psychology, cultural identity, womanhood, relationships and connection to nature.

© 2019